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Girish, Shakti,
Vaishnavi & Viraj




"I absolutely love Shilpa’s classes. She is dedicated & her classes always make me feel so good about my body and more importantly she gives us instructions and modifications that suit our body condition. Her classes are extremely Therapeutic & Impactful and I am so glad to be part of this yoga movement with her."

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Sneha R

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"Shilpa's classes are truly about the actual flow, understanding your movements and getting the maximum benefit from the poses. Each class is different and you are never doing the same series everyday which adds to the challenge and the excitement of the class. I wish I can continue learning with Shilpa and improving my yoga, Thanks for being an amazing teacher!"

Radhika Raheja

"I am 60 years old and I used to always feel yoga is too difficult for an older person. But Shilpa and Yoga Space completely changed my perspective. I really enjoyed my sessions and I am grateful to Shilpa for making Yoga an enjoyable part of my life now. It improved my flexibility generally and also helped me deal with long-standing backache. Thanks a ton!"

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Sujatha Dev

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