Acro Yoga

Understanding Acro Yoga

Let’s be honest. It is in our basic human nature to vie for acceptance and feeling relevant. In today's world, where all of us want to feel secure and take control but won't trust or let ourselves be, Acro Yoga comes in as a yoga of trust.

Acro Yoga will help you realize that to truly feel in control you need to first let go and trust.


But what is Acro Yoga? It is a beautiful synergy that combines the wisdom of yoga, the dynamics of Acrobatics, and the therapeutic powers of Thai Massage; a practice that allows you to think outside the box, shake up the old dogmas, find the freedom to let go, and of course, trust.


Acro Yoga works with poses taken from traditional asanas - forming a “base” (person on the mat) and a “flyer” (person who is elevated) who work together to create postures.  The “spotter” is the individual whose only objective is to focus on the safety and make recommendations to the improve form.


In practicing Acro Yoga, you will not only learn to support others but also trust enough to allow yourself to be supported.

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