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Understanding Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

The word “Hatha” translates to “yoga of balance”; “Ha” means Sun and “Tha” means Moon - it ideally interprets as the yoga that will bring balance between the sun and the moon in you - referring to the competing energies within every person. Practicing Hatha will enable you to unite these two opposing energies to bring balance to your body and mind.


This harmony is achieved by understanding the mechanics of the body and then using the body postures to drive your energy in specific directions. Put simply, the practice of physical yoga postures and breathing is what Hatha Yoga is all about.


A typical Hatha yoga class starts with a brief meditation and moves on to different yoga poses. The pace is generally slow, which allows you time to get into the correct position. Most Hatha practices conclude with a few minutes of Savasana (final relaxation). This is when you lie in Corpse pose or sit in seated meditation to simply breathe and be still.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga

With regular practice,  you will learn to move your body with a focus on alignment, deep breathing and building up flexibility and strengthening. The result? Apart from its numerous physical benefits like improved metabolism, weight reduction, muscle strength and more, you will experience elevated energy levels, reach a more positive outlook on life and build self - awareness.


Hatha Yoga practices are designed to align and calm your body and mind. The resulting harmony manifests itself as physical strength and emotional well-being.

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