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Women can be Women’s strength

Before I talk about Women for Women, let's look at what the nature of women is. Can you think about what it is?

Forget about how we are right now at this point in time in our society or what we see overall in other women. What do you think is our nature? And what are our innate qualities as a woman?

It's definitely true that we might all be in a stage where we need to use our masculine energy to fight back to get what we want - as wives, daughters and even in the office space. And to a certain extent, it works as it is the need of the hour and it helps us in being more independent and more assertive.

But beyond all, what is a woman on the inside:

- She as a woman is more natural, more in tune with the existence.

- She is kind-hearted, open to her emotions, very receptive and accommodating.

- She naturally operates from the heart. She is soft and feminine.

- Her power and strength come from being soft not from being tough, not from being aggressive. She can be strong, fierce and assertive but not harsh.

- She is more accepting. Not just of her own but also differences in people/ culture.

- Her interests lie in small things in life - love, beautiful things around, sweet talk, beautiful home, nature not war or weapons.

- At the same time, a woman can be wild and will definitely rise up when things don’t seem right.

- She associates life with joy and not pain or suffering.

Now, if we look at the past - there have been a number of reasons why women have not been able to really be in touch with themselves. Those are years and generations of conditioning that are being broken one day at a time. But even today, I would say - instead of trying to be in touch with our nature and nourish our feminine soul, with the corporate world and systems in place, we women are becoming more masculine, in the process of losing our grace and beauty.

This world is one created by a patriarchal system. Although the job helps us bring out our talent, gives us a sense of purpose in life, makes us dream bigger, it can also be exhausting with pressure to perform and go up the ladder. It can be a bit hard for women to balance her doing and being. Her Yin and Yang.

At such times, Women can help other Women. It is very much needed and this is not just at the workplace. It is also outside work- at our homes, with our friends or any social setup.

But what we see now is that women get jealous of other women. The presence of other women threatens them.

Someone else’s success is seen as a failure rather than an inspiration. Women sometimes tend to feel insecure, intimidated and that makes them manipulative.

I was so naive after school and college that I could never think that a woman can wish ill things about another woman. I always thought and felt that girls are always there for you, helping you. They are there for your support and they love you. I was lucky that I was surrounded by such wonderful people.

Slowly I began to see how easy it was for a woman to feel insecure in the presence of other women or feel the need to guard up. So much that sometimes it's so hard to get through them. I also heard from friends about women in office who are mean to other women or tend to be inconsiderate and insensitive.

This can be observed in simple things like sharing information or being secretive about newfound products to outright judging because they are not of a certain type. In such scenarios, there are huge ego clashes, cold war, and jealousy.

They also lack collaboration, unity at the workplace and definitely don't lift each other up. Instead, they are ready to put them down. If there is someone who is attractive, smart and professionally successful, women around tend to talk ill, judge her dressing and often judge most of her moves.

How many of us go up to a woman at work or even outside who gets a lot of attention and genuinely compliment/ appreciate her for her looks or her work?

In reality, if we women get together,

We create a space to be vulnerable. We are allowed to speak our hearts out without inhibitions. We all have days where we will feel insecure or some days when we celebrate each other's success. It becomes a very fluid interaction from a safe space.

We feel witnessed and heard.

If we can practice the art of just listening without judging, just being present without thinking how to respond - it will help a person to share freely which will, in turn, make her feel completely safe and supported. And naturally, that helps women to feel more vibrant, empowered and comfortable in their own bodies and minds.

We feel supported by other women, you are not alone.

By sharing our experiences with other women, we can also understand the challenges they are facing in life. We are not alone and not the only person with these problems. It gives us a lot of strength because sometimes while facing the issue. Sharing often helps us understand another perspective and we realize that this too shall pass.

It's a space for intimacy, love.

Women can hold a very intimate space for love and affection. You are always remembered for your love and support. It definitely will come back to you in rewarding ways, you never imagined.

It's fun.

Girlfriends are always fun. Don't you think? Whether it's brunch or spa time, we can share our life problems and they don’t feel that heavy anymore. We probably have possible solutions at the end of it or end up feeling light.

It definitely helps us to nourish our feminine nature.

In listening and valuing other women, we help each other in going deeper and value our needs and inner wisdom. It gives us assurance and confidence. Our thoughts and visions come out freely and we can be the real us and seek strength in our soft power.

Women helping other women definitely is the right thing to do.

After all, what are we doing here if not to help one another? What's the point in telling men to be encouraging of women, instead of doing it ourselves?!

During my yoga training, I have been to a few women’s circles which are so powerful and healing. Sometimes you don't even know each other well enough, but space allows you to be just you and be there. The space encouraged you to be open to giving and receiving. It comes with a lot of assurance and gives you permission to open your heart, share and listen.

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